White Collar crime

As one of the few, we offer our clients comprehensive legal advice in the field of criminal business matters (white collar crime). Our offer is focused on prevention and covers internal audits and implementation of compliance regulations, management insurance, risk prevention – we support preventive actions that will allow you to sleep peacefully. The criminal and business team is headed by attorney Łukasz Jaśkowiak.

How can we help

We also handle court and pre-court proceedings regarding:

  • criminal liability of management board members;
  • criminal liability for acting to the detriment of the enterprise (including mismanagement);
  • offenses against creditors;
  • problems related to obstructing the pursuit of claims;
  • unreliable record keeping;
  • crimes of abuse of trust;
  • crimes of business bribery and business corruption.

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Łukasz Jaśkowiak

Attorney | Managing Partner
l.jaskowiak@jaskowiak-nadra.pl +48 510 296 656

Random projects

Comprehensive defense of the client against the charge of exposing the company to significant damage

A full representation at all stages of the case i.e. – in the scope of analyzing collected evidence and its evaluation, in terms of reliability and suitability in relation to the raised charges, and the development of a defense strategy.


Submitting a crime notification to the detriment of the Company by a management board member

A detailed audit of the Company, preparation of a crime notification to the detriment of the Company by a management board member, representation of the aggrieved party and preparation of an individual solution to repair the resulting damage and prevent such events in the future.


Preparation of a management contract

Preparation of a management contract to minimize the risk of potential claims against the Company in the event of an error/malpractice.


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White Collar crime