We provide comprehensive legal services for startups from A to Z – both those anchored on the market, as well as those in the design and even conceptual phase. We run the full process of starting a startup, including founders agreement preparation, obtaining financing, entering into a contract with investors, obtaining all necessary permits and requirements, registering a trademark etc. We also advise on the sale of the business and its recapitalization and takeover.

Why us? We are young, talented and innovative. We invest in the market ourselves. We understand your product and all aspects of your business. We keep up. We communicate in an accessible way. We do not take your time when it is not necessary. You improve your product – and we will take care of formalities. We are not slowing you down.

How can we help

  • Current legal support of the startup;
  • The process of setting-up a startup – the selection of the optimal legal form, registration, preparation of internal documents (articles of association, management board regulations, shareholders’ meetings regulations, internal agreements);
  • Preparation and negotiation of investment agreements, also Venture Capital / M&A;
  • Development and implementation of regulations for services, websites and applications, legal documentation of the Website and the personal data protection;
  • Legal audit related to the implementation of a new service, application or their usability;
  • Registration of the trademark;
  • Protecting business from unfair competition;
  • Associating startups with investors, private equity funds, venture capital, business angels.

Contact us

Łukasz Jaśkowiak

Attorney | Managing Partner +48 510 296 656

Random projects

Acquiring financing for startup

Transformation of conducted startup in the form of a sole proprietorship into a capital company, which gave the opportunity to collect financing from the private equity investor.


EU funds for the development activities

Full support of the startup in the process of obtaining EU funding, ongoing service in the field of settlement and possible disputes.


Preparation of the investment agreement

Preparation of a convertible note agreement for a investor from the United Arab Emirates. Before the investment, we prepared the company for due diligence, which significantly accelerated the investment process.

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