We provide comprehensive services to domestic and foreign investors in the real estate market. We support investors on the development market. We advice on lease.

How can we help

  • Detailed verification of the legal status of the property (audit) and the full procedure of its purchase;
  • Preparation of real estate for sale;
  • Creating and negotiating investment agreements;
  • Trading and revolving agricultural real estate;
  • Ongoing legal services for private lease.

Contact us

Łukasz Jaśkowiak

Attorney | Managing Partner +48 510 296 656

Bartosz Nadra

Attorney | Managing Partner +48 504 218 095

Random projects

Counseling for private investors

Permanent legal service to foreign private investors in the field of development investments as well as ongoing lease service.

Purchase of agricultural land

Comprehensive service in finding an agricultural property, audit of the legal status of the real estate, the reversion and sale of real estate as a construction.

Investor support in the purchase of real estate through bailiff bidding

Investor support in the purchase of real estate through bailiffs’ bid auction, representation of the client in the course of the property rights process, as well as in the process of taking over the property from the debtor.

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