Financial and loan institutions

We provide comprehensive legal services for financial institutions – loan, leasing and investment companies. We support them in the field of current operations, internal procedures, contracts, collaterals, debt collection and fraud/malpractice prevention. We develop and implement internal procedures (compliance). We take over assets for debt repayment.

How can we help

  • Ongoing legal services for companies that lend their capital (loan, leasing, factoring and investment companies);
  • Creating legal operational documentation as well as auditing and improving of the documentation used so far;
  • Implementation of internal procedures, including fraud/malpractice prevention, personal data processing, securing claims, granting authorizations, remuneration, applying collateral and many others;
  • Debt collection; Negotiations with debtors;
  • Establishing and releasing collateral;
  • Representing companies in criminal cases – claiming damages from abusers.

Contact us

Bartosz Nadra

Attorney | Managing Partner +48 504 218 095

Random projects

Investment assets take-over

Our lawyer handled a big project on taking-over the various property (real estate, real property, pledges etc.) of debtor at risk of insolvency as part of the acquisition and recapitalization by external investors. For the purposes of these transactions, creative legal structures related to securing claims were developed.

Bankruptcy of a financial institution

Participation in the work of the project related to the bankruptcy of a financial institution challenged by banking supervision bodies.

Compliance procedures in a loan company

Preparation and implementation of legal documentation and fraud/malpractice prevention procedures in a loan company.

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Financial and loan institutions