Factoring and assignment

We have many years of legal experience in the field of factoring services. We offer full legal services to entities dealing in whole or in part with factoring activities. We also offer our services to factorers and their contractors.

Attorney Bartosz Nadra is the author of the first legal blog in Poland devoted to legal aspects of factoring – “Factoring and law” (http://www.faktoring-prawo.pl/).

How can we help

  • Ongoing legal services and support of a factoring company;
  • Creating from scratch, or auditing and improving the legal documentation of a factoring company;
  • Employee training in fraud counteracting and prevention;
  • Debt collection in relation to factorers and contractors; Negotiations with debtors;
  • Litigation, including assignment and warranties;
  • Establishing and releasing collateral;
  • Representing factoring company in criminal matters.

Contact us

Bartosz Nadra

Attorney | Managing Partner
b.nadra@jaskowiak-nadra.pl +48 504 218 095

Random projects

Taking over assets of factorers threatened with bankruptcy

Participation in numerous legal structures for taking over the assets of entities threatened by insolvency, making effective asset transfers before initiating restructuring procedures.

Disputes regarding the assignment of receivables

Participation in numerous court disputes having source of factoring, related to assignment, warranty and prevention of attempted factoring frauds, including numerous processes ending with amicable settlements.

Subsidiary prosecution

The submission of a subsidiary indictment on factoring fraud, concluded with the conclusion of a settlement with the defendants.

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Factoring and assignment