Corporate disputes

We specialize in comprehensive legal support of corporate disputes for company, shareholders, management board. In our activities, we strive for amicable settlement of disputes without prejudice to the company, to maintain its operational activity and good reputation on an unwavering level. We conduct negotiations and create legal structures terminating disputes in the form of sale of shares (stocks) of companies, division of companies, repayment of exiting partners or the sale of an organized part of enterprises.

How can we help

  • Legal audit of an enterprise/company to reveal possible fraud or malpractice;
  • Examining the company’s books and records;
  • Defense against corporate blackmail and hostile takeovers;
  • Representing shareholders at shareholders’ meetings; Appealing resolutions of the shareholders’ meeting;
  • Court disputes (such as: dissolution of a company or exclusion of a shareholder/partner);
  • Mediation and settlement counseling;

Contact us

Bartosz Nadra

Attorney | Managing Partner +48 504 218 095

Random projects

Hostile takeover on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW)

Our lawyer took part in a hostile takeover of a joint-stock company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange by another joint-stock company and the entire spectrum of court and out-of-court disputes that ended with success.

Challenge of resolutions excluding profit from division

Our lawyer participated in the process of appealing against resolution excluding the company’s profit from  division which causes a damage to the minority shareholder.

Legal opinions

The Law Firm’s lawyer crafted many opinions on the situation of conflicted partners in terms of possible actions, presenting in this respect the original legal structures of the dispute resolution, including in the case of partners from a large company in the parquet industry, partners from the hotel business, partners in the wood industry.

Brochure for
Corporate disputes