Affluent people

We come from investor families. We have many years of experience in the legal support of people owning capital, including in terms of investing, locating and securing. We support investment processes, succession in family businesses as well as intergenerational succession and inheritance planning. We will help you build, implement and continue your business vision when you can no longer manage it yourself. As one of the few law firms in Poland, we also offer a “family lawyer” service, i.e. a dedicated lawyer for legal protection of your family’s affairs.

How can we help

  • legal protection of capital investments;
  • legal audit of investment risks;
  • investment supervision (monitoring of capital and investment structures, performing functions in supervisory boards, reporting);
  • succession of family businesses, including succession planning and its preparation;
  • inheritance planning;
  • legal service for the family.

Contact us

Łukasz Jaśkowiak

Attorney | Managing Partner +48 510 296 656

Bartosz Nadra

Attorney | Managing Partner +48 504 218 095

Random projects

Succession of a well-known family

Our lawyer advised on the smooth transfer of assets and operations to successors, creating his own conception of succession, i.a. by helping to prepare and periodically update the will, develop a succession plan as well as solutions ensuring the transfer of assets and business – using private foundations and trusts.

Securing financial investment

Our lawyer participated in a multi-stage negotiation process of an investment agreement regarding the placement of capital on European markets.

Investment monitoring

Our lawyers conduct ongoing operational and financial monitoring of subsidiaries – assistance in supervising and managing family investments.

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Affluent people